Scleral Contact Lens Fittings and Exams

Contact lens fittings and exams for irregularly shaped, dry eyes (and more!)

Scleral lenses are especially helpful if you have keratoconus or dry eyes. Our optometrists run precise evaluations to provide you with comfortable scleral lenses for your vision needs.

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Disclaimer: Scleral contact lens exams are only available at our Smithfield store.

What’s So Special About Scleral Contact Lenses?

Scleral contact lenses can offer vision support just like traditional soft, rigid, hybrid, and gas-permeable lenses. These lenses differ most in the following key characteristics:

Who Benefits from Scleral Contact Lenses?

The greatest part about scleral contact lenses is that virtually anyone looking to improve their vision would be great candidates for scleral lenses. These lenses are particularly helpful for people who have:

Whether due to keratoconus, prior eye surgery, or plain old genetics, people with irregularly shaped corneas can’t usually wear glasses or soft contact lenses. Scleral contact lenses tend to provide maximum comfort and help provide sharper and more crisp vision for eyes with irregularly shaped corneas.

Scleral lenses are particularly helpful for people who live an active lifestyle, engage in sports, or whose eyes cause contact lenses to dislodge frequently from the eyes (for example during sports or strenuous activity). Opting for scleral lenses may provide you with a more comfortable and secure fit for your vision and lifestyle needs.

Scleral lenses provide ample space between the back surface of the lenses and the cornea. This space acts as a vessel for tears, and the space and lenses help keep the front of the eye more moist and comfortable. If you live with dry eyes, full scleral lenses may be just the solution for your vision needs.

A Scleral Lens for Every Need

Every eye is different, so each eye requires a uniquely fitted lens. There are three main categories of scleral lenses based on the size and location of the lenses’ primary contact with the front surface of the eye.

Categories of Scleral Lenses

These lenses are much larger than traditional gas-permeable lenses. Corneo-scleral lenses and semi-scleral lenses rest close in proximity to where the cornea and sclera meet.

Mini-scleral lenses act as an umbrella over the entire corneal surface. These lenses rest on the anterior (or front side) of the sclera.

The largest of the scleral lenses, full scleral lenses cover the greatest amount of real estate on your eye — specifically between the back surface of the lens and the cornea.

Our 4-Pronged Approach to Contact
Lens Fittings

Since everyone’s eyes are different shapes and sizes, we’ll measure the front surface of your eye (also known as the cornea). Your doctor will use a non-invasive computer-assisted tool to create the shape, dimensions, and topography of your optical contact lenses.

This fancy word refers to a small microscope with an adjustable light. This binocular microscope is used to focus on parts of the surface of the eye that may be damaged and thus need to be accounted for while designing your all-new optical contact lenses.

Once shape, size, texture, topography, and irregularities are accounted for, your optometrist will measure the diameter of your pupil and iris (using a diagnostic ruler and instrument) to determine the type of contact lenses that will fit you best.

The last and final test is the tear film evaluation test. Your optometrist will determine if your tear ducts are healthy and fit for contact lenses. If so, you’ll have your choice of more than 10 different styles of contact lenses to choose from for all your vision needs.

Other Unique Lenses Tailored Especially For You

Our lens shapers have more than 20 years of crafting unique optical contact lenses for a variety of individuals and eye needs. We carry the following contact lenses.

Fashionable and Functional Made-to-Order Lenses

We pride ourselves on carrying a wide selection of lenses that are both fashionable and functional.

We select and deliver ready-made name-brand optical contact lenses, so you can look — and feel — your fashionable best for whatever function life throws your way.

How to Prepare For Your Contact Lens Exam

Embark on a new adventure with dependable lenses. You can start your journey off on the right foot with these helpful tips for preparing for your contact lens exam.

Your optometrist will have more data to work with to make your contact lens fitting smooth and easy.

We’ll walk you through what your insurance plan covers, so you can avoid any unwanted surprises in the final cost breakdown.

You’ll be asked to fill out a medical form and questionnaire. If you’ve filled out our forms prior to arrival but need to amend any documentation, you can always update the team on changes to your medical history upon arrival to our offices.

Our optometrists love questions. They’ve had their fair share of clients over the last 20 years. Don’t hesitate to pick their brains on any matters concerning your vision.

Our three wonderful locations carry a variety of custom scleral lenses. Reach out to a member of our patient concierge team to learn more.

What to Bring With You To Your Appointment

At your contact lens exam, you’ll want to mention (if applicable) the following health history items to your WeCare team:

About Our Dedicated Eye Care Team

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Coupled with our friendly patient navigator team, our optometrists will carefully consider your comfort every step of the way. We encourage you to let our team know how you’re feeling throughout the exam process.

Whatever your vision care needs may be, our doctor and patient navigator team is dedicated to providing you with nothing less than the best optical care, because at the end of the day, our vision is to help you with yours.

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